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POOR comunication

Trey Posts: 1

Is it me, or does Xometry hold us to a higher standard? We have due dates, and all kinds of procedures that we must follow but it seems like Xometry doesnt have to follow the same rules.

Heres my issue. When i want to choose a job, but i see issues or have questions, i call customer service. i am told to pick job and then email and somebody will contact asap. well, i didnt want to do this, but i was wanting to make some more money. so i did what i was told. Now here it is almost 24 hrs after my email and i still havent heard anything.... and the parts have to ship tomorrow....

I have reached out and talked to a few people about this at xometry, but nothing is changing....

if the issues where not simple, i believe we might have to part ways... which is sad because 99% of this process works.

Does anybody else experiencing this or do i need to do the changing?

i would love to talk to somebody that can help from xometry....

[email protected]


  • Trey
    Trey Posts: 1

    thank you for contacting me! as we discussed, we need a #4 and #5 when #1-#3 have been used.

    i am glad that we were able to talk, and if xometry listens to you and I, issues like this will get resolved!