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[AMA] Exclusive Partner AMA with Brian Wadey of Prototype Design Labs on 11/19 at 4 PM ET

William Krueger - Xometry
William Krueger - Xometry Posts: 17 admin
edited November 2020 in Partner Events

Join Xometry for an exclusive AMA with Brian Wadey (@SeattleDMU) of Prototype Design Labs, a Xometry manufacturing partner, on November 19th at 4 PM ET. Brian will be answering questions about how he's grown his business with Xometry and tips and tricks for running his shop efficiently.

Brian Wadey developed his machining business using expertise from a 30-year manufacturing career and a little assistance from Xometry. You can learn more about Brian and his journey to building a successful machining business in our latest case study.

If you have any questions you would like to ask Brian, be sure to comment below and join us on Thursday, November 19th at 4 PM ET for our exclusive Ask Me Anything!


  • Adam Bowe - Xometry
    Adam Bowe - Xometry Posts: 133 admin
    edited November 2020

    The AMA is now live! Thank you to Brian (@SeattleDMU) for joining us today and we are so excited to see what questions you have for him!

  • @SeattleDMU while we wait on some questions to come in, can you tell us a few things you learned about your first couple of jobs with Xometry?

  • WarnerWerks
    WarnerWerks Posts: 8

    I've heard good things about the Zeiss Duramax units.

  • SeattleDMU
    SeattleDMU Posts: 10


    I actally learned of the Keyence XM thru the Xometyry Inspection Team.

    Its so simple to operate. I also figured that I needed to be able to have an Inspection report that quick and to the point.

    Also you can send the date to Xometry and they can read it on their end also.

    Also the next time I run that part im all ready to go..

    Again its a Capital Investment and at 55k was a great end of year deduction..

  • SeattleDMU
    SeattleDMU Posts: 10


    Congrats on the UMC- 500

    Thats gonna do you very well.

    I did the same thing.

    5 axis along with CMM will do you well..

  • WarnerWerks
    WarnerWerks Posts: 8

    55k is really not a bad price relative to other CMMs. Very compact footprint as well, which is a bonus for me since I have limited shop space at the moment. Thanks for the recommendation.

    And I am excited to get this machine making parts. It should be a good time.

  • SeattleDMU
    SeattleDMU Posts: 10


    Anything I can do to help

    Message me if you need anything on this ...

  • @WarnerWerks and @JagodaMoore thanks for the awesome questions! The live portion of the AMA has now ended but feel free to post any additional questions here and @SeattleDMU can hop in and answer.

    Special thank you to @SeattleDMU for taking time out of his day to host this AMA!

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