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Ask Me Anything: What's New in the Digital RFQ Marketplace - October 23 @ 3 PM ET

Tom James, VP of Partner Growth, will be hosting another open AMA on Xometry's Digital RFQ Marketplace in the Xometry Community this Friday, October 23rd at 3 PM ET. Stop by, say hi, and get answers to every question you have about the Digital RFQ Marketplace such as what kind of work you can expect to see, how to engage customers, and more.


  • While we are awaiting our first question, I'll introduce myself. For those who haven't chatted with me before: Hi 🙋‍♀️ I'm Sarah and I'm the Operations Lead for the RFQ Marketplace here at Xometry. I provide support for partners and customers both and help keep the Marketplace running smoothly. Tom and I look forward to your questions!

  • JagodaMoore
    JagodaMoore Posts: 3

    Hello there,

    Last week I had a chat message from a customer I declined to bid on due to capability. The customer chatted back and asked what our concern was on the capability issue. Do customers see responses when we decline an RFQ each time?

    Thank you,

  • Hi @JagodaMoore , Thanks for your question! Yes, the customer will see the reasoning you provide for your no bid.

  • @JagodaMoore

    Thanks Sarah, and to add, I recommend If you’re considering no-quoting an RFQ due to capability, you may consider starting a chat conversation with the customer prior to no-quoting, just in case there’s a design or some other type of change they’d be willing to make in order to accommodate you. Especially in instances where customers aren’t seeing loads of quotes, there may be a greater willingness to have a back-and-forth to come to a solution that can work for both parties.

  • JagodaMoore
    JagodaMoore Posts: 3

    Thank you.

  • jwarden121
    jwarden121 Posts: 6

    I had no clue the customer could see why we didn't quote or that was even saw their request. Good information.

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