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Ask Me Anything: RFQ Marketplace - September 1, 2020

Xandrea Posts: 62 admin

On Tuesday, September 1st from 1-3p ET Join Sarah Smeltzer, RFQ extraordinaire, and Tom James, VP of Partner Growth, to have all of your RFQ Marketplace questions answered right here on this thread in the community. 

We also invite you to pre-submit your questions now to receive priority response on Tuesday.



  • Hi Partners!

    Tom James here. Sarah Smeltzer and I are available to take your questions! Fire away!

  • Hey everybody - While we’re waiting for our first question, I’m going to offer up some unsolicited tips and tricks to help you all win more in the Xometry RFQ Marketplace. 

  • Do you see a slowdown coming for any of the ITAR Partners?

  • And of course Good Afternoon All,

    Just kinda jumped in there.

  • Tom James - Xometry
    Tom James - Xometry Posts: 12 mod
    edited September 2020

    @Michelsmfg_25 Just to be clear, are you talking about ITAR work in the RFQ Marketplace? If so, no we don't anticipate any such slowdown. If anything, we expect the RFQ marketplace to grow rapidly, which would include an increase in ITAR opportunities that could be sourced through the Marketplace.

  • @subtractivemfg , Welcome and thanks for asking! It's absolutely okay for you to ask the customer for feedback once you've submitted your quote; in fact, we highly recommend it! This will allow you to get real-time pricing feedback from the customer and establish a good working relationship with them.

  • I feel like we quote at competitive rates, but we have not won a single job with the RFQ marketplace. Are most of the customers submitting a PO with a partner for the work, or are they going elsewhere?

  • That's a great question, @WarnerWerks!

    Many customers are choosing to award jobs through the RFQ Marketplace.

    We are currently working on developing tools to increase our partners’ win-rates! We're now putting in place mechanisms for providing near-real-time customer feedback to partners on quotes the partners have submitted.

    Partners can also take their own actions to increase win-rates by reaching out directly to customers through the portal chat function (or via phone or e-mail) to ask for direct feedback on submitted quotes and possibly to begin a negotiation around what price the customer would be willing to transact at.

    If, as a partner, you need to adjust your quote as a result of such a conversation, you would simply upload a revised quote as an attachment in the portal's chat function.