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2D Quoting

Chris3DPX1444 Posts: 2

Is the 2D quoting also for Additive?

Also where is the design work being completed after quote is confirmed?




  • Kim White - Xometry
    Kim White - Xometry Posts: 44 admin

    @Chris3DPX1444 Great questions! Additive may be a fast follower to CNC/Sheet/Die Casting/wire EDM.

    Stay tuned!

    In terms of the design work - we are expecting that the design/production would be managed by the partner.

    Thanks and hope that helps!

  • Chris3DPX1444
    Chris3DPX1444 Posts: 2


    That definitely helps appreciate the quick response. I really like this idea about 2D quoting as we do it all day with a lot of our clients that have booklets of legacy technical drawings, but can't decide if they are going to switch vendors until they see some pricing.

    Thanks again let me know if you ever need a trial for quoting for SLS as I am happy to put the quotes together.



  • Limitless
    Limitless Posts: 1

    Anyone seeking design / CAD support can send requests to [email protected].

    We can turn legacy drawings or paper napkin concepts into production ready 2D or 3D cad / models.

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