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RFQ Marketplace Financial Incentive

Xandrea James - Xometry
Xandrea James - Xometry Posts: 66 admin
edited July 2020 in Announcements

As you may already know, our RFQ Marketplace has finally launched!

The RFQ Marketplace is designed to be your gateway to incremental jobs and revenue for your shop on your terms. Every quote delivered through our marketplace is highly vetted and matched directly to your capabilities.

 From now until July 31st every quote from our Marketplace comes with the potential to earn a bonus incentive up to $500.

 Here's how it works:

  1. Ensure your capabilities are updated here as well as in your partner profile.
  2. Keep an eye on your email for new RFQs that are ready to review or monitor the RFQ tab of your job board daily and check for new opportunities.
  3. For every 3 requests you respond to with a formal quote inside the RFQ Marketplace you’ll automatically earn a $100 Amazon Gift Card. You'll have the opportunity to earn up to a total of $500.
  4. By August 17, 2020 we will send an Amazon gift card to the email address associated with your Xometry Partner Account.

To ensure you'll receive the most precise quotes for your shop, please select the 'no bid' feature on the quotes that are not applicable for your facility, and as always please ensure your most recent capabilities are updated in the Partner Settings of your profile (as shown below).


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