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How is everyone liking the new Job Board?

Rex Machining
Rex Machining Posts: 2

I think it's pretty cool, but was wondering if anyone had other thoughts? Any trouble uploading docs?


  • subtractivemfg
    subtractivemfg Posts: 14 ✭✭

    The new Job Board is okay, it took just a bit of getting use to.

    Strange to me that this version of the job board was changed from "Materials Received" to "Materials Ordered" status, especially since Materials should really be ordered at the time of accepting the job since most jobs have such a short lead time.

    I have always felt there should be more job status buttons on added to create better transparency with the case management team.  

    1. A status between time materials are received and production started. I would include one for programming/set-up since often times they can longer than production of the job itself and change "production" to be manufacturing or some other industry term so that the project managers know it is going from set up to the run of each job. And then a status should be given if the job needs plating or other finishing services because that also depends on the mercy of the finisher. Also depending on if a shop actually does the inspection paperwork of the parts, either before (I prefer doing them before they go to the platers, but sometimes the prints call out for tol to be after all finishing services) or after the the finishing services are complete and then finally ship status of the job.
    2. I do like to see a view of all my jobs and their specific details instead of going changing to the screen.
    3. I would like to see the price of the job on the general screen and not click to the next view to see it in the specific details.

    @Rex Machining , I have not had any issues uploading docs with the new job board, I use to with the old one ever once in a while, but if you are having troubles, try refreshing your screen if you have been at idle for a while, sometimes downloading a doc it will give me a weird error code, but then I just refresh and that fixes the issue. I'm sure it may be the same for uploading docs.

  • cmoll
    cmoll Posts: 15 ✭✭

    1.) I agree with breaking down the status of the progress a bit more for clarity

    3.) I would like the price at the front page too.

  • PenCoPrecision
    PenCoPrecision Posts: 22 ✭✭✭

    *I also feel that since there are a lack of status options your "communication" score suffers. Sometimes we select a job with longer lead time and we have ordered and received material but we are finishing other jobs with the shorter lead time first. Maybe adding in a chat feature (or call it a status update box) like on the 2D RFQ's would be beneficial that way you can just add in notes when there is an update in between the status' given.

    *I agree with pricing on the front page of Current jobs as well. We refer to a lot of jobs by their price since we are such a small shop. Just more convenient and something we liked about the old job board.

  • cmoll
    cmoll Posts: 15 ✭✭

    Sorry if this is off-topic.

    I noticed that , coincidentally with the role-out of the RFQ program, the standard job board has died.

    For the last two weeks there have been no less than 30-35 jobs on the board at any time. Now the last few days it has plummeted to around 5-8. ??

    C Moll

  • SeattleDMU
    SeattleDMU Posts: 10


    I was thinking about this a few weeks back and now I just saw blog

    I really like the new appearance.

    The colors make it more elegant and easier to see

    You are all doing a superb job of making everything better and better.

    Cheers !!!