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Amplify EP10 | Tristan Lobb of MRD Machining | How to Start Your Own Machine Shop

Luke Florence - Xometry
Luke Florence - Xometry Posts: 163 admin
edited July 12 in Amplify with Adam

Time for the best part of our Friday - Amplify time!

On this episode of #Amplify, Xometry’s Adam Bowe talks with Tristan Lobb, Vice President of MRD Machine, about his advice when it comes to starting a machine shop and the effects of growing organically. Check it out!

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  • Dave Lieberman - Xometry
    Dave Lieberman - Xometry Posts: 15 ✭✭✭

    Really informative discussion @Tristan_Lobb1 !! You had me at "...there is no impossible task with the right people on it." What a great perspective, and how better to summarize manufacturing. Keen insight!

    The 1925/27 Indian Scout basket case project I am working on has many questionable or mystery parts, and it's hard to find credible sources for that era, not to mention the actual parts - STOKED to hear you have roots in antique motorcycles! I'll be in touch...😉

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