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Improve Your Part Packaging And Eliminate Damage

Xandrea James - Xometry
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Xometry’s Partner Pro-Tip: Packing and Shipping

This week’s partner pro tip is aimed at helping you improve your part packaging and eliminate damage that may cause RMAs or impact your Partner Success Score. 

When packing all parts we recommend every partner: 

  1. Apply reinforced plastics/wood/cardboard on edges for heavier parcels
  2. Have packaging reviewed and/or verified by non-shipping/packing personnel 
  3. Properly package products in a manner that does not allow them to become susceptible to handling damage

Not following these tips can result in damaged parts like the below:

If you have any question on packing, shipping or part quality you can connect directly with our quality team:

Sr. Director, Quality Operations & Regulatory Affairs: [email protected]

Partner Coaching Specialist: [email protected]

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