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Let's Talk Safety

Luke Posts: 152 admin
edited August 14 in Hangout

We want to hear from you!

  • Why is paying attention to safety important in your shop?
  • What safety practices do you implement?
  • Are you taking extra safety precautions and how do you see that as a benefit?
  • What tips/tricks do you have as it relates to safety?

Leave a comment below with your answer to the above questions and any other thoughts you have!


  • Jenn Ryan - Xometry
    Jenn Ryan - Xometry Posts: 10 ✭✭

    Luke, thanks for this question. Watching with eager eyes!

  • Luke
    Luke Posts: 152 admin

    @BLingerfelt, @TWMetalworks, @MotiveMachineWorks, @Mark, @AndrewNWFL, @Phi, what do you guys think about these safety questions?

  • Thanks so much for the insight @BLingerfelt!! Like Kelly, it hadn't occurred to me that gloves were a no-no - but absolutely makes sense. I don't even want to think about gloved hands getting pulled in...yikes! The common sense thing - 100%! If it looks sharp, hot, dangerous...it probably is, so use your head. Thanks for weighing in - great advice!

  • Luke
    Luke Posts: 152 admin

    @Kelly Gray - Xometry, what are your thoughts on safety?