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The Modified Repeat Work Process

Kacey Posts: 62 admin

We strive to connect repeat work with the original partner when possible. However, we recognize this is not always the case due to busy schedules. We have modified the process in an effort to balance the needs of both the Partner and the Customer. The modified process is designed to give the original Partner the opportunity to accept repeat work, but is also aimed at finding a Partner to accept the job as fast as possible so the Customer can get their parts sooner. 

As before, repeat work will be offered to the original Partner for 4 hours on standard orders and 2 hours on expedite orders. If the original Partner has not accepted the job in the allotted priority access window, the job will then be re-posted to the board for the rest of the network to have an opportunity to accept the job. If the original partner provides a counteroffer, they may see the job offer reposted to their board for their counter-offered price if it has not already been accepted by another partner at a more competitive price or lead time. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this process as we work to continuously improve the Partner experience. Share your comments in the discussion below. 


  • Homegrown
    Homegrown Posts: 5

    4 hours? 2 hours? I check the job board often, but not always THAT often. Can you at least opt to send out an alert email to ensure the partner has a better chance of seeing the job come in?

  • Luke
    Luke Posts: 152 admin

    Love this feedback @Homegrown! Tagging @Kacey B - Xometry and @Alex Gunter - Xometry@Lauren Brown - Xometry from our Partner and Product teams for their reference.

  • Kacey
    Kacey Posts: 62 admin

    @Homegrown I'll share your note with our Partner Portal product team so they may consider your feedback for future partner portal improvements! In the meantime, you can manage your notification preferences on your Partner Account Settings by navigating to the left-hand menu>Partner Settings>Notification Preferences. The current functionality allows you to opt-in to either morning/evening emails, or an email for every new job posted to your board. In the future, we hope to expand the partner portal notification settings.