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$1 Job Offers, Explained

Kacey Posts: 62 admin

Hey Partners!

Some of you may have seen a job offer with a price of $1. When this happens, we’re looking to gather pricing feedback from our Partners on unique or complex jobs. Our goal in these situations is to get a potentially difficult job in the hands of a Partner faster by having better informed pricing. 

When you see a $1 job posting, here’s what you should do: 

1) Review the job notes by viewing Job Details to ensure you have all necessary information. 

2) Provide pricing and lead time feedback for the job. 

3) We’ll review the feedback and, if appropriate, will repost the job with updated pricing. 

We’re continuously looking to improve the Partner experience. Share any comments or suggestions for improvement in the discussion below! We’d love to hear from you. 


  • D12Hunter
    D12Hunter Posts: 0

    Ok, got It. I was wondering what that was all about.

    Thanks, D12 hunter